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The perfect combination

PupFlask Water Bottle
PupFlask Water Bottle
PupFlask Water Bottle
PupFlask Water Bottle
PupFlask Water Bottle
PupFlask Water Bottle
PupFlask Water Bottle
PupFlask Water Bottle
PupFlask Water Bottle
PupFlask Water Bottle
PupFlask Water Bottle
PupFlask Water Bottle
PupFlask Water Bottle
PupFlask Water Bottle
PupFlask Water Bottle
PupFlask Water Bottle

Each bottle includes a
premium insulated neoprene Bottle Sling.

PupFlask Water Bottle


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Provide fresh, flowing water to your thirsty dogs whenever, wherever you go.

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Nebulas Blue
Ultra Violet
Crimson Red
Quetzal Green
  • Designed for dogs and owners who are on-the-go
  • Easy to use & portable solution to hydrate your dog
  • Holds 27 or 40 ounces of fresh water with one button release
  • Durable stainless steel, food grade silicone, leak proof seal
  • Extra-wide drinking cup that saves leftover water
  • Perfect for walking, hiking, camping, swimming and travel


Hydration for Adventurous Dogs

Why carry a messy water bowl and extra water?  PupFlask has a built in bowl and saves all the leftover water so your pup can stay healthy and happy while on-the-go.

Its really easy to use, my dog took to it instantly, and I like knowing he's got plenty of water for longer walks.

—Elizabeth M.

Patented Ergonomic Design

The sleek and stylish shape of the PupFlask fits perfectly in your hand.  Its iconic design has ideal holding capability.

316 Stainless Steel

The highest quality surgical-grade non-magnetic, stainless steel available. Its built to last for years.

BPA-Free and Liner Free

Because the stainless steel does not leach, there is no interior liner.  The bottle is also free of any BPA or plastic.

Maximum Volume

The PupFlask bottle holds 24 ounces of fresh water, enough for most long walks and hikes.

Leak-Proof Design

One touch buttons to open and close the valve to release flowing water into the cup.  No more mess.

Extra Wide Cup

The thick silicone easily extends into a large drinking cup.  It works great for dogs of any size, any breed.

Innovative Invention

When your dog is done drinking, the bottle saves all of the leftover water so you can carry less.  Never lose a drop.

Wherever Your Dog Goes

Perfect for walking, hiking, camping, car trips and any other adventure for your dog.  Wherever you go, your PupFlask can go too.

Dogs Love It

They seem to know just what to do when you hold the bottle out for them.  Your dog will think you're a hero!

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Penny P.
United States United States
I don’t like it as much as I wanted to...

It’s been sort of leaky for me. I also wish it was double walled!

Kristy A.
United States United States
PupFlask Water Bottle

We love the bottle. My husband and I both carry a PupFlask Water Bottle for our two very active dogs. We hike everyday 1 to 3 hours and the dogs love drinking from their bottles. So easy to use and the leaf shape bowl is beautiful. Thanks for a great product. Kristy

Robert J.
United States United States

We use the pup flask every day. Love the functionality of the product.Purchased a second one for family member.Highly recommend .

Abigail G.
United States United States
Love the PupFlask!

I bought a pup flask for my puppy, and I love it so much, I had to buy one for all of the other dogs in my family!

Richard R.
United States United States
Harley loves his PupFlask Insulated Water Bottle

Purchase went smooth and easy. Well made item was shipped promptly. Harley loves it because it is well insulated and keeps his water cold and he really loves the wide drinking cup which makes it very easy to to get to the cold water. Harley gives his Pupflask Water Bottle 2 paws up!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the bottle ever leak water?

No. There's an airtight seal between the silicone "cup" top of the bottle and the stainless steel bottle. The bottle screws securely into the the top. The water spout is also locked until you push the button on top of the bottle to open it and then tap the side button to close the spout. Its very easy to use and should never leak if used correctly. 

How do I clean the bottle?

The bottle itself is stainless steel and can be cleaned by hand or a washing machine.  The top is made from plastic and silicone plus some moving parts and for that reason it should be cleaned gently by hand with water and a light amount of soap as needed.

Is this bottle good for small or large dogs?

The bottle was designed for medium, large and extra-large dogs however some small dog breeds can easily use the bottle and take to it very well. Note that the silicone cup is quite large so some small breeds may initially be wary of drinking from it. Larger dogs usually take to it easily, especially if they're thirsty. 

How much does the bottle weigh?

Without water, the bottle weighs 11 ounces.  When completely filled with 24 ounces of water, the bottle weighs 35 ounces.

Can ice be added to this bottle?

Yes! You can easily add ice to the included stainless steel bottle.  The mouth of the bottle is large enough to accommodate most large standard ice cube sizes.  Dogs are typically happy to drink room temperature water, but ice cubes are a great addition on hot days.

How does it keep the unused water?

The innovative two-way spout pours water into the cup for your dog to drink.  If there's any water left in the cup, simply hold the bottle upright and watch as the remaining water drains back into the bottle.  Tap the close button and you're on your way.

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